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Dan Nottage

Dan Nottage

Engineering Director

Founder of DTM

Dan founded DTM in 2017 after gaining 10 years’ experience in automotive and mechanical engineering, driven by a desire to understand how things work (or don’t!).

Starting out hands-on with vehicles, he progressed into complex machinery design, manufacture and commissioning.

“I believe strongly in flexibility and being responsive to our customers’ requirements. This way, we can get to grips with a project quickly, find the root cause of problems, analyse possible solutions and devise processes quickly.”

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Helping You to Innovate and Solve Your Mechanical Design Challenges

With design projects, nothing makes us prouder than making improvements, testing and seeing how something works. Getting the synergy between design and function right is what we thrive on.

Creative, transparent and open-minded discussions are always central to our approach. In our experience, speaking to the right people at all levels of a business gets the best results.


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