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Manufacture & Installation

Product Sourcing and Manufacture

Supplier identification and management


With a network of contacts and suppliers, we can assist with specification and sourcing of cost effective parts. Our knowledge of manufacturing methods and experience of supplier management means we can make sure your designs are translated into high quality parts, delivered right, and on time.

DTM can save you the legwork by identifying suppliers that have the necessary skills and technology to realise your design. We can manage the manufacturing process through these suppliers, ironing out any issues that arise, and ensuring that the final product meets your requirements.

Our approach is based on getting the best value and quality for our clients. By gathering the necessary information and leveraging your purchasing power, we are able to find the best possible solutions in the marketplace.


Installation and Commissioning

From assembly to on-site testing and continuous improvement


Once a design has been finalised and the parts manufactured, we are on hand to assist at the assembly stage. During this phase, we will actively promote process improvement to maximise productivity, and ensure that the final product is finished on time, and to the highest standard. We will also be looking closely for any further improvements that can be made to future design and assembly drawings.

Following this, the real test comes with installation and application. We understand the pressures involved on site and will assist with installation and commissioning in order to make sure your project hits the ground running. We achieve this with thorough and methodical planning, project management and testing on site.

Despite this, we know that commissioning doesn’t always go exactly to plan. Problems can arise during this process, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that we have the flexibility and problem solving abilities to ensure they are swiftly ironed out, avoiding significant delays. By fully supporting our clients through the commissioning phase, our aim is to sign off a completed project with a job well done, and most importantly a satisfied customer.