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Technical Support & Consultancy

Engineering Solutions and Project Management

From inspection and auditing to product specification and sourcing


From our base in Derbyshire, DTM can offer engineering consultancy services to companies around the UK. Our approach is based on a range of technical expertise that can be applied at all stages of a project, from inital inspection, auditing and research, through to the specification of products and sourcing.

Our knowledge of industrial applications and mechanical engineering means that we can work closely with our clients at all stages of the part/assembly/machine lifecycle. This could mean engineering something from scratch, or looking to improve parts and maintenance of an existing piece of machinery. The consultancy services we offer can be focussed on individual parts or a complete system – either way we put the client’s requirements first.

We work with an approved and trusted list of suppliers so that we can draw upon an extensive network of knowledge, manufacturing techniques and complementary services.


Technical Support and Site Services

From remote support to site inspection and maintenance


At DTM we know that when problems occur on site, technical support and servicing is invaluable. Our team of highly skilled mechanical engineers are available via phone for remote support, or for inspection and servicing on site where required. We specialise in the industrial, motorsport and aerospace industries.

From complete design, engineer and install projects to remedial and preventative maintenance, DTM has the capabilities and know-how required to deliver support and consultancy during all stages of a mechanical engineering project. With support provided by our CAD design engineers and project managers, we can co-ordinate effectively with our people on site to offer efficient solutions, ensuring your production or project deadlines are met.

Using our 3D modelling and design capabilities, we can provide consultancy on site surveying and planning. This has been enhanced by the latest addition to our resources, a CAA approved and insured drone pilot with PfCO (permission for commercial operations), enabling us to provide aerial inspection services.